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Open Letter to Tiff's Treats Hourly Employees (7/15/22)

Dear fellow Tiff’s Treats workers,

After gathering petition signatures from a majority of our store, hourly employees at the East Austin location (A7) are filing with the National Labor Relations Board to hold a union election at the end of business 7/18/22. Today, 7/15/22, we filed unfair labor practice charges with the NLRB detailing how Tiff's routinely violates our rights to freely organize and join unions.

Our immediate objective is a new union contract that includes the following:

● Job security and "just cause" employment

● $15/hr for drivers

● $18/hr for kitchen staff

● $22/hr for on-duty managers

● Driver mileage reimbursement based on gas prices

● Free and expanded health coverage and sick time

● No invasive surveillance practices

● No blackout dates

● Reduction and responsible redirection of food waste

Our ultimate objective is to dismantle the corporate culture of exploitation, vulnerability, and disposability that permeates our workplace. We are tired of excuses, lies, and broken promises! We are organizing this union to fight for a seat at the table and represent all hourly employees at Tiff’s Treats.

Workers create all of the value for Tiff’s Treats through our labor, but we are paid only a small fraction of the profits. Our store has generated over $5 million in revenue since the beginning of the pandemic yet many of us struggle just to make ends meet. A union means worker power, and that is what Tiff’s Corporate is truly afraid of. They know that paying workers what they are worth will impact their bottom line: their venture capital, their $500 million valuation, and their plan for 2000 stores nationwide. We believe that every store matters and that if you can't fairly compensate workers at one, then you shouldn't prioritize opening more.

By coming together we strive to cut through the fog of corporate propaganda, misinformation, and gaslighting. Each of us alone is disposable but together we can move mountains. The first step is to get at least 30% of your store to sign our anonymous union petition which triggers a secret-ballot election by the National Labor Relations Board. If a majority votes for union representation, then the union becomes certified to bargain collectively for better pay, benefits, and conditions. We hope you have the courage to join us.

In Solidarity,

Tiff’s Treats Workers United

Brittany Eargle Mark Mallory

Catherine Darshad Molly Wilthoit

and other hourly employees who wish to remain anonymous

Dough Production Facility and Command Center Staff (7/28/22):

We apologize that it has taken this long to explicitly include you in our negotiating objectives and our organizing efforts. After speaking with employees at the dough production facility and command center we are including the following negotiating objective moving forward: $20/hr for CSS and DPF